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Thread: Is Lens fat/thin effect available for SonyVegas?

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    Default Is Lens fat/thin effect available for SonyVegas?

    Hi! I'm not sure where to post this! I'm recently using SonyVegas pro 11 and can't seem to find that effect, I don't know if it is available for video editing. Do you know Ulead Photo Express? Well, one of the effects that it has it's the fat/thin lens and I really, really need this effect for my Sims 2 video. It doesn't just stretch the image, it makes the body a bit fatter and the head smaller. Lol, I'll show you the editing pictures I made with this effect:

    This is the original in-game snapshot

    And this is with the Lens effect/ Fat 3 (I stretched a little bit of the image to remove the wall hanger flower pot but as you see, using this effect makes her head smaller and body shape different)

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    You could try the pan/crop tool. De-select the lock aspect ratio button and drag the edges to the size you require. This may give you an approximation of what you're looking for. There is a deform FX but I'm not sure that is what your looking for.

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    Thank you for your answer but, ohh, cropping the image is not what I'm looking for. :( I was hoping Sony Vegas would have that fat and thin Lens effect for videos that Photo Express has for pictures. Like this: (Lentes means lens)

    I don't understand why it doesn't have it, then. Do you know any other video editing program that does have these effects?

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    Did you look at the deform FX ? or even the Pinch/Punch FX, would that create the look you are after.

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    Nope, I haven't. I'll take a look at it now. I don't want the video to look deformed though. The second picture that I posted is the look that I'm after.

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    Oh my gosh, I'm trying out the pinch/punch and the deform FX and I think I can make it look like the Photo Express Lens effect!! Thank you so much!!

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