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Thread: HELP... need to edit footage from DVD's

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    Default HELP... need to edit footage from DVD's

    I'm recently took a job editing archived footage for a local tv show. It was supposed to be a simple task involving mixing parts of previous episodes with some new footage. However, the previous editor was fired and wiped the hard drives clean of all archived episodes. So the only film the show's owner has is on dvd hardcopies... which are in a "read only" format!

    Long story short:
    I have 76 episodes to back up and edit using Final Cut Pro X.
    Each episode is 28.5 Minutes (1.6 GB) and saved in .BUP .IFO .VOB on a read only DVD.
    Footage need to be decent quality: I managed to converted to .MP4 but had a loss of quality. Since the footage is old it needs to retain as much quality as possible.

    Please help!
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    Good grief...somebody better be chasing that guy for wanton destruction of property.

    Hire in some good composite capture devices and some good DVD players and record them in that way, Simplest way of beating the copy protection.

    If they protest about time expense, tell em to take it out of the hide on that editor!

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    At the very least keep it mpeg2 which is what a .vob file is. .mp4 is not the best format for retaining quality for editing, it's a play back format really. I'd go for something like mini DV .avi or one of the fancy Apple formats like Pro Res.

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