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Thread: Minecraft In Real Life!

  1. Smile Minecraft In Real Life!

    I just finished this after A LOT of tracking and work in blender and after effects. I hope you like it! I know some of the tracking could be better but I tried a lot and it just wouldn't work right for some clips. Any feedback is appreciated!

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    Great job. As you say one or two sections had an issue but mostly it was very well executed. i've no idea what's involved, but can imagine the effort required.

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    Agree with Tim, looks like a lot of work went into this. The opening shot looked like it had a hand held effect or was it really hand held. It should be still.

    Good job.

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    An excellent technical effort, but I didn't see the point of trying to emulate the game in a "real life" video. If there is a new dimension that real life adds to minecraft, I didn't see it (or did I miss something)?

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    Am interesting demo. Did you transfer the camera tracking data from AE and somehow use it in Blender? Or did you have to manually adjust each frame whilst in Blender?

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