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Thread: Audio And Video out of sync when moved a little..?

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    Default Audio And Video out of sync when moved a little..?

    Hi there,

    A very quick one here.

    I'm trying to sync Video1+Audio1 with another audio on Audio2 timeline. As I do this with two original files (video and audio), it all goes well and I sync them perfectly. Then, I need to fit in another short video to appear before all this, so I move them a little to the right on Timeline to make space for the short video. Unfortunately, after I move them them all (Video1+Audio1 and Audio2), even though Video1+Audio1 and Audio2 are on the same timeline, therefore should be sync perfectly because I just did it, they are not sync -- it starts off well, as it should, but somehow towards the middle Video1+Audio1 and Audio2 are out of sync; video gets ahead a little bit, mysteriously so, because it's all fine in the beginning. And I can't seem to find any visible disruptions on the timeline either.

    Does anybody know what the hell is happening and how to fix it? What am I doing wrong? This is my first time working with Premiere, so I might just be lost...

    Thank you!

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    Accurate sync can be a difficult issue . . .
    I don't use Premier, but it may help others if you can do some further checks - - -

    Can you say if the problem persists after rendering ( a couple of minutes should do), and burning to (say) DVD?
    - - - and play it on a dedicated TV/player combo (ie not on a PC)....PC's are not good for playback and either the Video or Audio can become secondary . . . . but you should give us the spec of your PC as this may be significant to the problem.

    Does this problem exist identically if there is some Edit-generated material at the beginning (such as a title for different intervals)?

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    Is the bitrate of all audio files consistent within the timeline? Is it all the same?

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    And if all else fails, render the synced stuff, then use the resulting file and append it to the short video.

    Been here done this all before in my days of duff software and PC's - it's so time consuming and kills the creativity stone dead.

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