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Thread: Sound not in sync with video

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    Default Sound not in sync with video

    I have been using Sony Vegas Pro 11, and for the longest time, I have been suspecting that the audio of my finished videos are not in sync. While I'm editing, the preview and audio looks fine, but once I render a video, I noticed that the audio is off by about half a second. It's only barely noticeable, but it's driving me nuts. In addition, some parts of my videos are extremely laggy, even when it looks fine in the preview in Vegas when I'm editing. Is this a hardware issue or a software issue? How do I fix it? Will getting a workstation video card help?

    Here's an example(You will notice it when it gets to the action scene):
    Vietnam - YouTube

    My Rig:
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit
    HD 5870
    AMD Phenom II X6 @ 3.2GHZ
    8GB DDR3 RAM

    Thanks in advance

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    Hey there!Welcome to VideoForums
    My name is Abhi and I will try to help you out with the knowledge that i have.

    I believe it has nothing to do with the hardware that you own,My studio rig and my PC has almost the same spec except for the Bulldozer 8 core which doesn't matter much here.
    I believe the frame rate is causing you the problem.
    This method may help you to try and get around the problem but I dont guarantee you that it will be the brightest.
    1.Once you have edited your project,get to the Render As windows in which you will be modifying some of the pre-sets.
    2.If you have a 60 FPS Camera adjust everything according to the ones in the screen-shot Below.
    3.If you have a standard 30 FPS Camera make sure you have checked "Allow Source to adjust framerate".

    If you have any further questions dont be afraid to ask.

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    Vegas Studio user here.
    Post #2 - the frame-rates depend on the Camcorder/Country - some of the World is 60 fps using NTSC, others are 50fps and PAL . . . these don't often make good bedfellows . . . but I don't think this is OP's problem.
    If as you suggest OP uses "Match Media settings" (or similar) you have to specify a clip to act as the "marker" - this tip is not obvious in the Menu - but again I don't think that is the issue.

    However, I do wonder that the processor is up to the job?

    To achieve good quality playback (eg in Preview) you need a powerful PC - and Pro allows use of the Graphics card (DYOR), provided it's the right sort and correctly enabled.

    Yr spec:
    is "x6" a Hex-core processor? - or just Mfr "puff" which borders fraud hoping all will assume it to be (er, IMHO naturally.)

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    Hey guys
    Thank you for your responses. I think I may have solved the problem on my own actually. What I did was that i went into custom settings before rendering the video, went to the Project tab, and where it said Video rendering quality, I selected Best. It seemed to have fixed the problem, if not, it looks better than before. Thanks for the help guys, I really appreciate it.

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