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Thread: 2011 WRX w/ Flycam

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    Default 2011 WRX w/ Flycam

    First time using the flycam let me know how I did I know I need more practice balancing and flying it but hey its my first time.

    2011 Subaru WRX w/ Flycam - YouTube

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    As you maybe aware car vids aren't exactly my thing, but I must say I found this very good and watchable.
    Nicely paced with a good variety of shots.
    Being harsh (as it it generally very good) I thought some of the shots could have been composed a bit better - for example the shot at 2:46 has the car slightly off-centre. To me this looks like you'd aimed for centre, but missed. Better to have it fully centered or more obviously off-centre.
    The same shot has a tilt down which was pretty smooth. Came to a stop. Then tilted a bit more. Watch for this.
    Most of the cuts worked as they were between very different shots, but be careful when you cut between similar shots. The cut at 1:33 (from the almost full whot of the car to just the front) gives a feeling of having jumped bakwards in the pan.

    From a personal taste point of view, I have t say I didn't think the film burn FX worked at all well, either with the subject or the music. They looked like they had just been bolted on because of a trend.

    As for first time with the flycam - I'm very impressed!

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    I really appreciate the honesty and feedback! I didn't really notice that I was off centered, but now I look at it and it screams at me haha. I see what your saying with the tilt, I didn't have a rubber band :(. Also thanks for the tip on the pan, I never really noticed that, but your right it jumps you back in time, which is exactly the opposite of what I want the viewer to experience! yes, the film burn was for trend purposes...haha you got me! Thanks again for such a detailed response, I love coming back to this forum because at least 1 or 2 people really go in depth to try and help me learn and get better! Thanks!

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    i think this is much better than your last video. definitely improving with each video.

    Here the colours look a little bland to me. i think the footage could benefit from a little colour grading.

    As i say your stuff keeps on improving, and its good to know you listen and act upon the advice offered by the other members here.

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    I agree with the others your work does improve with every video you do. You seem to be getting all the right elements. I would cut back a little on the film burn but understand why you used it. Knocking back the contrast just a little on some of the shots would give it a better over all look but don't take away too much detail in the blacks. Try and make the fly cam movements a little slower some of the shots at the beginning were a little too blurry. Make sure you close ups are rock solid still eg at 1:35 there is a wobble.

    I liked the locations and the music and I'm glad you included some real engine sounds.

    Well done.

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    Thanks for posting. This 'Flycam' appears to do very well to remove the worst effects of camera shake. Perhaps you did it on purpose, but in removing the fast juddering, the result is a slow swaying motion. It felt like I was on a boat. And it made me feel a little sick.
    Is there any post work which could make the image even more stabilised? (I only have experience of the tracking/stabilisation system used in Adobe's After Effects, but for all I know, it may make it worse).

    A very interesting demo.

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