can anyone shed any light on an issue I have had with three different sd camcorders ? I am a "semi pro" video "Producer" and need one of these compact hd camcorders for a project I am doing at he moament. I use Pinnacle studio 11 ultimate to edit my footage but, I have found that while trying to Incorperate footage shot on a previous sd camcorder into the pinncle software, "even though the files are avi" they would not drop into the programme ?

I have now ordered the SAMSUNG F70 SD CAMCORDER from argos online and I am hoping someone on this wonderful forum may be able to adize.

I simply "after shooting" insert the sd card into the pc "Win Vista" and find they will not work with Pinnacle studio ? I have a couple of car cams witch work on the same bassis (SD Card) and yet have no problem with editing them.

can anyone help me out here attall Please Thanks