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    I've recently started shooting video on a DSLR and I am having troubles with a final size of an edited video. Other 6 minutes long HD videos on Vimeo have around 90 MB, but my 6 min HD has 270MB. Iíve edited it in Adobe Premiere, exported as H.264, Preset HDTV 720p 24 High Quality (mp4). Why is it so large? I havenít found anything about compression quality in export settings.

    Thanks for every advise.

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    When we speak of compression, we actually mean the bit rate of the video

    A 10 second video

    With a bitrate of 2MBs per second

    Will be a 20 MB video ( roughly )

    If you look at your export window, go to the sliders for bitrate settings, then then drag them down to 10MB, which is more than enough for 1080p

    Set the minimum bitrate to 5

    Hope this works

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    Thank you! I didn't know it is in Bitrate settings

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