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Thread: Vegas Pro 11 - Black screen preview / render

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    Default Vegas Pro 11 - Black screen preview / render

    For some reason the preview screen just decided to black recently and its so frustating. I know this is an extremely common problem and have therefore researched for possible solutions, however none of them seem to be a definite solution.

    I have:
    -Made sure video track is not on mute
    -Unticked "closee media files when not the active application"
    -Changed all clips to "disable resample"
    -Unticked "scale video to fit preview window"
    -Remade the project in case the old one was just corrupted

    But nothing seems to work. The weird thing is that some of this suggested solutions worked only for a few seconds and then the preview screen turned black again.
    I dont know what I'm doing wrong this time that I haven't in older projects, the only considerable difference is that in this case, I'm getting my video clips from several different folder locations.

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    check that you haven't accidentally set the split-screen preview mode to Clipboard?

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    Nope, "Clipboard" was unselected.

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    What BUILD of VP11 are you using?

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    Its Build 683

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    Have you got the Video Bus Track active with some Envelope?

    Odd . . . . .


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    Factory Reset?

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