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Thread: Need help on a camera...

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    Default Need help on a camera...

    Hey guys... me and my friend have about $1,000 to spend on a camera. We want to record high definition movies and just want really nice looking videos. Any recommendations on what camera to get?? Thanks.

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    Probably a good idea to be more specific about the exact sort of thing you're hoping to shoot.

    But personally, if I was at that end of the market, I would probably be tempted to buy a pretty cheap camcorder and spend the money I've saved on a dedicated audio recorder, decent shotgun microphone and tripod. Those will do far more to increase your production values than anything else, and tbh, below $1000, you're not going to get a massive difference in image quality anyway. In the right hands, any modern HD camcorder can produce nice looking images, so imo, it would be better to focus your funds on the thing that always shows up amateur videos: sound.

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    Agree, OP needs to give us some idea of what they plan to film . . . . if it's family then things get easier - but we should be told how the stuff will be seen (are you lanning on burning BlueRay discs?)

    and yes sound IS IMPORTANT, but it's still "Content is king" -

    Buying the camcorder (and stout tripod with fluid-head) is easy - then take a while to learn the craft - eg join a Film-making Club and learn from the Pros.

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