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    I am looking for a travel tri-pod, mono-pod that I can take abroad on holiday as all my normal ones are too big and bulky. The bag that I use as a travel bag which takes my cameras and other items has an internal length of 30 cm with a width of 15 cm. As it will just be used for holidays abroad I do not want to spend a fortune. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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    hi there,
    You've given little info so the ONLY ans I can give is to buy something that fits - and a monopod will take up less internal room, so maybe that's it. Try to get one with a "foot" so as to hold the ground firm. Few monopods really suit video, but can be useful to gain height over crowds at popular events. (limited by canera-weight).

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    If you want to give more info: How are you traveling (any restrictions?).
    Is this in several different countries, perhaps?
    What are you filming (Family/Hols, etc. - or a specific location as part of a Project)?
    What's the camcorder, plus other gear you need to take,?
    Timescale to go and how-long is the trip.
    Have you a specific weight limit?

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    Many thanks for taking the time to reply. I can advise that this will apply to most holidays (usually these are 10 - 14 days). I do a video covering the holiday for my wife and me and also our friends who we go with (editing in Sony Vegas so I like to make it as professional as possible). Holidays are generally restricted to UK and Europe (this year it is the Italian Lakes) so initial travel will be by flying (usually Easy Jet or similar) so there is always a weight restriction on my hand luggage of 20 kg. I use two camcorders, a Panasonic HDC-SD41 and a Hitachi both recording in HD. In addition there is my Sony DSC camera and also small binoculars. All these fit easily into my camera bag together with mobile phone, spare batteries, Kindle and a lightweight shower proof kagool and other miscellaneous items. My budget for a tri-pod or mono-pod in this instance would be not more than 50.00

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    Well I taken the plunge and decided to buy a Velbon Cube to carry in my camera bag, when folded it measures only 3 cm x 25 cm and extends to 94 cm, which should help. Will be able to tell more when I return from holiday.

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    As a matter of interest to help with panning shots I bought a Velbon head to fit on the tri-pod. Whilst it is as heavy as the tri-pod itself it works well and when on the tri-pod it still fits in my bag which is really useful.

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    Well on holiday found the Velbon head too heavy and made the tri-pod cumbersome to operate. Used the Cube without the head and after some experimenting was able to pan shot quite satisfactory - Cube good buy, head perhaps a waste of money in the circumstances.

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    Check out YouTube -"panning trick" . . . useful tip is to conduct the pan via an elastic strap, this avoids direct touching the tripod and helps with the pan . . but oddly I don't use it myself . . . . I wonder why not?
    (I do have a fluid head and don't go anywhere that's not got easy access to the car since the Tripod is over 4kG....causes some restrictions!).

    I bought a cheap monopod Amazon - 11 which has a "foot" It's 600mm and pulls out 1m7 (2" under 6') - I don't think Budget monos come much longer, being fixated on a short colapsed dimension. If mine was 30% longer that would make the open length 2m29 -5" under 8'). Such a Mono would be really useful (If Chinese Factory reads this...but it suffers from terrible pan-head - moulded in plastic it's a pair of faults looking for a mate - and find it twice every revolution...Arrgh.
    I've smoothed it lots, but it's not fully cured . . . . one day I'll make a proper head with metal bearing surfaces. Such a pity as just a tiny amount of "design" would raise its value many times....

    When I've made my own "poles" (which don't fixate on beng short, rather I want great height, like 10 ft). I put the rotation in the foot area, so the pole's mass helps smooth the action and when you pan you aren't yanking it side-to side - Not a problem if you have a strong Tripod, but definately an issue for Monos. Also, it means I can pan from anywhere along the pole, I use the head-end for simulating crane-shots . . . they aren't ideal, but I'm learning the snags.

    Was the Holiday a Video-success....?

    You'll find home-uses for the head no doubt.
    Buying kit is always difficult until you can try it for real. (ie when under pressure).
    . . . . Thanks for the feedback. . ..

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