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Thread: My first "serious" video. Please give constructive criticism

  1. Default My first "serious" video. Please give constructive criticism

    Hey guys,

    I recently downloaded adobe premiere pro on a trial basis and I wanted to make a music video of the bellagio las vegas botanical gardens. I'm a total novice and video editing and production but I did put a lot of time into this and I'd like to get some feedback. I think its pretty cool but I don't know if others would be bored by it... Let me know, and please thumbs up on youtube if you have an account and you like it! Thank you!

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    Love the musical choice. I think its a good video, better than anything I can put together at this point. There is a noticeable edit in the audio at the 1:55 mark. Other than that, I think your cinematography is great. Your video really displays the beauty of your setting, music sets the mood. I'm very green at this so take it for what its worth. Thumbs up...

    : )

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    For me this could have been cut down to less than 2 minutes. A bit like our "holiday video" Ideal for family and friends, but not for Youtube if you are trying to attract serious interest.To much Zooming in and out of the same shot, and to many repeated shots. The zooming in on the Tulip near the end, not a good idea, try the other way round Zoom in first then pan back bringing the background scene into view.

    The music was good and suited.

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    as a rule, I only watch the first 30 seconds of a youtube video, if I don't like what I see in that 30 seconds I switch to something else.

    So based on my first 30 seconds

    - Too much of the same shot
    - some shots felt like you stayed on them for too long in comparison to how you cut other shots.
    - The shot where you move up from the black hand rail we've seen 3 times in 30 seconds? too much of the same thing
    - first 30 seconds has the merry go round always in shot? is there anything else you could have focused in on? Maybe a sideways view of something in front of the merry-go round so there is a different "picture" we are looking at.

    It may have gotten better as the video went on, But I was not encouraged to continue watching if that makes sense.

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    This doesn't really strike me a s very different from your previous post. However you've deleted that video, thus rendering that entire thread worthless.
    This is not helpful to people who want to learn. Neither is it helpful for people who want to compare your earlier work to your later work.
    Fair enough, you may not want your earlier work "publicly" available, but you can always make it "unlisted" so that only selected people (such as this forum) are aware of it.
    I post all my "lesser" work that way.

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    I think you could of improved this video if at the part where the music goes "Dum, Dum, Dum" - (in a chime type noise) you changed scene on each hit.. that would of been cool.

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