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    Hi guys.

    I have been editing quirky family videos for a little while. I really want to jump full fledged into editing / post production. I have so much to learn, so much expensive equipment I want to get. I recently found this forumn, and have seen some amazing videos here. Anyways, my 8 year old son shot tons of weird footage, entirely on his Nintendo 3DS. So I decided to edit some of it into a fun 1 minute video.

    Thanks for watching!


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    I watched the video, but won't critique (these kind of things are personal and take patience to edit). What I will say is well done for providing a good background description I your post - makes I so much easier for us to provide feedback.

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    looks like someones been watching early cabaret voltaire videos..... no bad thing in my opinion!

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    LOL @ Voltaire Videos.

    Marc: I don't mind any critiques I would get here. I was forewarned when I signed up for the board to expect constructive criticism.
    Thanks for watching.

    : )

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    Nintendo as camera? . . . . . Well it makes for unusual pictures, - but I wonder that in 20 years you won't wish you'd just filmed the kids on a DSLR, or Bridge camera.
    That said, I'm unsure which bits are down to Nintendo's own take on "fun" and where your Edit skills start (or was that all yours???).
    It would help (me) to understand if we could see clips "before" - otherwise I'm watching video on steroids.

    Good luck, it's a facinating Hobby, but as Career/ Work it's harder for the rewards, as new-tech is constantly replacing patience and know-how. And customers can be very fickle - and penny-pinched since Uncles nearly always have a VHS-C camcorder of their own.
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    vidmanners, I'm not sure about your children but there is NO way I would let my 8 year old anywhere near my DSLR toy cameras for the kids to film themselves are just that, toy cameras that if they break it's not a big deal!

    Mike, I think it's great that your excited about getting into this industry, My only concern is that do you know what the "price of ownership" to get into this industry is?

    Can I suggest you take a read of this blog post by Marc Peters

    Then after reading it, consider that many of the most popular video productions were because of everything except the technology and gadets behind it, Was Lord of the Rings a best-seller for the technology? Yes it played it's part or was it largely down to the work of actors/writers/creative directors who managed the technology to enhance the film.

    Or another example, Would you like to become a famous world class chef? Good for you, get in there and start cooking. You do not need the most expensive knives, the very nice stainless steel work surfaces and 12 ovens/stoves to cook good food! Same way you do not need the most expensive equipment or even "expensive" equipment, Once you got that you can do a whole lot more than the techie who is always chasing after that "next software plugin" to turn his videos into magic.

    If you want this, Go for it! But if you want to make a career out of it be prepared for a lot of hard work and countless hours lugging kit up and down stairs standing around all day and editing late into the night to meet deadlines.
    Whilst doing that, practicing and learning your art, same as practising how to play an instrument.

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    Thanks for the advice. Very encouraging. Yes you could have all the latest gadgets and new technologies, but the quality of your work will always fall back on your talent. Would you happen to know why I can't access that link to Marc Peters post..?

    "sharkie002, you do not have permission to access this page"


    Its a little but of both. My son recorded well over 15, 20 minutes of random footage with video effects, with varying time signatures. I added blue screen keying with the colorful visuals on his clips that were ripe for it, and some strobe effects on the faster clips. I threw in some other effects in a couple of places. I think its neat that these little game systems can do these types of things, and its great fun for kids. I would have loved to own one of these growing up. My skills might be better off today. ; )


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