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    Default Studio Ultimate 14 - make movie

    I have had Studio Ultimate 14 for a while and making short movies every thing went fine - I thought what a good editing program and recommended it to friends - I have just spent a few weeks making a movie lasting an hour and twenty minutes and when I go to make movie and click - create movie - I get this message - "c:\render/movie title 526c03ab\dvd\studiosequence\temp00_menu.bmp.m2v" - no matter what I do I keep getting this message.
    Does anyone know how to solve this problem - or - what the message means ?

    thanks for reading this - Bilbo

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    Hi Bilbo and Welcome to the forum.

    While I have never attempted a a long movie like this in Studio.It could be that, there is a transition or image that Pinnacle doesn't recognize. Or are you trying to copy material and edit from a DVD Movie?
    The other thing you could try is breaking the length of the movie down into 3 or 4 parts and render separately like parts 1,2,3,4. Save as say MP2. Then with a DVD Video converter programme you can join them all together and burn to DVD.

    Hope this helps


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    Hi Mike - thanks for the welcome and the comments.

    I did break the movie down into progressively shorter segments and tried "creating movie" with each segment - this identified two segments where an error message was shown - I then broke each segment down until I found one clip in each segment that was the cause of the problem - by the same process of elimination it transpires that it is the sound associated with the clip that is causing the problem - I now need to try and find out why the sound is causing me so much grief.

    At least now I know where the problem lies and that's thanks to your input.


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    Hi Bilbo

    Fantastic! Great you found the problem. Thanks for posting back as this will benefit others that have a similar problem. As to the sound issue I know others have had problems here in particular with pre recorded or Copyrighted DVD's. Pinnacle is not designed for this and it could be a glitch that the copyrighter put in to prevent duplication. Which is understandable.

    The other thing I would suggest is if you can extract the sound track and convert it to a format Pinnacle can recognize using a sound file converter. Do a Google must be loads out there. Then re insert the new converted sound file into the sound timeline but don't forget to mute the original below the video time line.

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    Hi Mike

    The two clips causing the problem are original clips - I "imported" them into the project again but they are both still causing a problem.

    I'm baffled at the moment - original clip with original sound but the sound is causing a problem - still get the same message when trying to "make movie" - sometimes editing can be so frustrating - particularly when you can't see the wood for the trees !!!


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    Hi Bilbo

    Yes I know the feeling. It would seem then that if you mute the sound tracks of the two original clips it should render OK. Can you confirm this please. Have you thought of trying to convert the audio of the two clips?

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    Hi Mike

    Firstly I tried to "make movie" with the full clips - error message - then "muted" the sound and tried to "make movie" - error message - finally deleted the sound and tried to "make movie" - no problem

    The crazy thing is other clips I imported to include in the movie are O K - I had thought of trying to convert the audio - but I'm not sure how to do it.

    I have racked my brains to try and understand why one clip and sound works O K - and another in the same program doesn't.

    A thought did occur to me but I'm not sure it really matters - Studio 14 is - as normal - on my C drive and I import all my video onto an external drive - E drive - is O K to import the audio onto the E drive - or is it better to import the audio onto the C drive ? I wouldn't have thought it mattered - but I'm now clutching at straws


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    Hi Bilbo

    Well at least we have isolated the problem which is great. What seems logical to us, computers have their own form of logic which may not always make sense to us. So with some things its a case of trial and error. Try importing the audio to your C Drive and see what happens.

    You could try experimenting with this free Video/Audio Converter. I have burned Videos to DVD and its brilliant. I have not as yet tried the Audio converter. You can click audio in the programme it opens your Audio folder then select your file then click to convert. I use MP4. You can also join all your segmented video clips together.

    Would be great if it did work and cure the problem for future reference.

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    Some interesting stuff here guys, I've had similar problems. Overdubbed sound is certainly a common factor with my problems. I've tried making minor changes to the movie - sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't. Has anyone tried moving the sound clip between the two bottom tracks ? It doesn't appear to alter the sound quality. I'm going to try some experiments when I get home at the weekend - if I can narrow it down any further I'll post again.

    Further to the above: My problem turned out to be at the start of a picture-in-picture segment At this point it is relevant to go onto Amazon and read the reviews for Avid Studio V1 (ie the next product on from Studio 15). I would fully agree with the sentiments expressed there. I have installed Studio V1, and it rendered the project concerned without any problems. If you can afford the upgrade, it's well worth it.
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