Hey, new guy here! Over summer I decided to produce a film based on Slenderman. I wanted to differ from some of the other productions seen over the internet, so I decided to ground him in realism more so than other series/films. In terms of plot, a guy finds an old battered diary. In it there are tons of entries dating back to the early 1900s. In each of these entries a tall figure is mentioned that resembles Slenderman as we know him. The diary acts as a plot device that makes The Slender Man appear.

In terms of aesthetics and feel to the film, I wanted to make it much darker than the series on the web. I took influence from film noir such as M. I wanted the tones and colours to be bleak yet have a few that stand out, such as the lights.

I aim to have the full release out on the 21st August. Until then, here is a small teaser trailer, I hope you enjoy it.

Here's my channel: LostReelMedia - YouTube - (Subscribers more than welcome )