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Thread: High speed video == original timing

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    Default High speed video == original timing

    I have recorded a ball drop in a fluid at 210 fps. Now I need to find the actual time taken by the ball drop in the fluid. I have edited the video but the time taken is much greater than required. For example a drop of sphere in fluid takes 9.02 seconds, when actually that is not the case. One thing that I did was the following
    9.02 seconds at 30 fps, so for 210 fps the timing would be (9.02*30)/210 = 1.29 s. Is that correct!!
    How can I use directly the high speed footage in sony vegas so that it directly accepts 210 fps. When I import the file although it is 210 fps, yet sony vegas considers it at 30 fps.
    I am a beginner, so please describe in detail.

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    Maybe your issue is like mine

    If you add a timer to your video, render the video with the timer in place, and then re-import it into the editing app and do the time compression as required, you can read the time off the timer


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    thanks for the reply peter

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