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Thread: Corrupted avi file captured

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    Red face Corrupted avi file captured


    I hope you can help me.

    I was capturing (recording) with my Laptop but after some minutes, I had an electric problem. When I restarted my Laptop, I found the file that was saved until the accident but of course as it's an avi file, it doesn't open.

    I'm not an expert in video but I suppose that in my 27.3 Gb !!! there should be some information I could recover.

    I've tried with some softwares that are supposed to fix corrupted avi files but I couldn't fix it. Most of them don't even work with so hug files.

    Any kind of help will be very much appreciated!


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    Hi and welcome.

    What editing software do you own which you can use?

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    Well, I've installed in order to fix the problem:

    -DivFix++ (Processing file : Video0002.avi
    Error: Input file is not an AVI file!)

    -DivXRepair: (Bad Frame Report from DivxRepair)

    -VirtualDub 1.9.11 (the file ... is unknown or unsupported file type)

    -Avidemux (Could not open the file)

    I don't know if some of there is a editing software.
    I used to work with Pinnacle but it's not installed in my pc now.

    Thanks a lot.


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