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    My wife and I made a video. The editing is not the greatest and I do not have the best camera in the world, but hopefully it might make someone smile

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    Despite being rather obvious material, it did raise a smile or two. Both you and your wife presented it well.

    Good ponts:

    Editing (I don't know whay you said it wasn't the greatest. It was straightforward cuts which were timed well. In my book, good editing shouldn't be noticable - it wasn't.
    You got the style of reality TV interviews well.
    Mix of shots. I liked the one moving camera shot ("so, we compromised") which added a nice contrast to the others as well as the one showing you mopping the floor.
    You captured good sound (for the interview shots)

    Worst point:
    Filming in front of a window!! Photography lesson #1 - never shoot into the light! You've clearly had to play around a lot in the edit to try to correct for this (with minimal success). It really would have been quicker to reshoot these scenes!

    Room for improvement:
    Composition: Watch for backgrounds - where you are sitting in the chair there's a door to the left but the rest is blank wall. The door thereforr draws attention to itself. As does the dog/cat which wanders partiially into frame!
    That same shot is also tilted - if you want a tilted shot for effect make sure it is very tilted. Most other shots were pretty level.
    Watch for position within the frame. In the shots of you and the witch in fronnt of the window, you are high in the shot (with the top of your head cut off) where as she is pretty low. Aim to get the eye line 2/3 otf the way up teh screen. Similarly, place your subject off-centre. Look up the "rule of thirds".
    Sound in the longer shots suffers from the usual problem of having on camera mics - room noise and reverb. The only solution to this is to get mics closer to the subject - either an external mic for your camera or a separate audio recording device.

    Overall it was watchable though because it had content - the most important element.

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    I think Tims said it all really. It made me smile.

    Well done.

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    Thanks for the awesome feedback!

    It's the only thing I've ever written and actually directed so I was pretty happy with it. I was going more for content than filming, but you really did open my eyes. I didn't realize how important it is from a director's standpoint to make a video great. I will take your advice. I knew the window shot was terrible, but I admit I just got lazy and decided to keep it.

    I would really like to become an actor, but this is the only forum I could find that welcomes user submitted video and critiques them.

    Again, thank you so much for the feedback and I will heed that advice in my future endeavors. Glad it made you smile!

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