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    Not sure if this is the right place to post as it's sort of pimping a link, but the subject matter of this blog fits more into "Cinematography" than anything else. Jim Cogan is a novice filmmaker and, having made his first video (a music video for a local band) has caught the bug. The blog is basically charting his successes and pitfalls as he embarks upon two more projects - a more ambitious music video and a fictional piece.
    It's written with humour and though the blog is very much a beginners experience (with a lot of emphasis on making do with a minimal budget) it's quite a fun read. The opening chapters provide some useful (should I say critical) advice on safety if youre planning to use halogen worklights for rudimentary lighting.

    Having come across Jim on the IAC forum, I immediately contacted him and suggested he put a link to this forum in his list of links which he has kindly done. I thought it only fair to return the favour.

    He's also just started a podcast about film in general. I can't comment on that as I haven't listened yet, but anyone showing that level of enthusism deserves encouragement.

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    Great idea to start a blog about your hobby.
    Must admit I found the background a bit jazzy on the eys after a while but who doesn' t like the Matrix
    Didn't read all the posts but had good look around.

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    Hi Tim

    Many thanks for plugging the blog, just to let you know, I have now finally got some filming done, I'll post the footage in the user videos section as that seems more appropriate than here, but just to let you know you can read the full story behind the days filming, including my first attempt at filming with a green screen and under lights in my latest post.

    And slimbob, thanks for having a look, sorry about the matrix background, it was kind of the best of a bad bunch!

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