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Thread: time lapse proxy scaling problem

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    Default time lapse proxy scaling problem

    hi everyone I'm new here so i hope I'm in the right place for this.. (plus my English is not the greatest but bare with me)
    anyways, this is my situation -

    (I'm using premiere cs5.5)
    i have a sequence of about 1000 (much more actually but that doesn't matter) high res 16mp JPEG's.
    since i don't have a power-full enough PC to edit the big JPEG's i created a proxy version re-sized to 10% from the original.

    everything works great, i can edit and preview and scale(?!) and then at the end render from the big files.

    my problem is this -
    i edit a lot with the scaling for zooming in and out the big picture.
    in the proxy version everything is peachy but in the real version everything is offset.
    for example if "track" a person and panning the image with him in center - he might not be in the final result at all.

    i hope someone can explain to me what am i doing wrong ? ?


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    When using proxy files you should not be making them "smaller" you should be reducing the size of the files.

    i.e if they are 16MB Jpegs, You make them 2MB Jpegs but keep the size the same. so if the originals are 1280x1080 you keep them at 1280x1080 you do not make them any smaller in size!

    A solution...Will be difficult to come up with.

    Would you be willing to take only the project FILE, Not the images or anything just, Just the Premier Pro CS5 project file and uploading it here so I can view your sequence settings and work out a potential fix for you.

    Also if you could tell me what the actual size of the original Jpegs are?

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    the original images are 16mP (not MB) - 4928 x 3264 - huge resolution and their file size is around 10mb.
    i did try to to only make the file size smaller and keep the resolution the same with Photoshop (quality set to 1 for the JPEGs) - i got 430kb files.

    problem is my PC still isn't fast enough to edit these same resolution proxies smoothly enough for me.
    and that's my real problem i guess..

    and so, i figured id make a smaller "stage" and smaller images (and files) - and when im done editing i will switch both to high res and render.
    unfortunately the scaling "zoom and pan" effect is offset in the final high res output, even though i did all the right math (or did i?).
    i did the images at 10% of their original size and 10% stage size.

    so what do you say ?
    any creative solution for this ?
    any hope for slower computers ?


    ps- i found this - CreativeCOW
    doesn't look like good news to me
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    You'll have to start from scratch, that's the first item.

    Secondly, set the image size to the size of your final video output, then add a couple of hundred pixels more for the pan/scaling.

    Make sense?

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    nope.. again, my PC is too slow for that.

    i need a way to edit smaller resolution images (proxies) while still be able to use scaling for zooming and panning the big picture.

    anyone ?

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    maybe using avid is my answer ? does it really handles the scaling effect different under the hood so i can use low res proxies ?

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    The very reason why people are still spending thousands in production houses is so they can do projects like this with no problem.
    If the hardware of the computer cannot do it, Why are you doing it?

    Also why in the name of all that is good do you need 4928 x 3264 images in a project?!? The maximum you could probably output the video on is one of these

    Therefore, Why do the source files need to be so huge?!? Why can you not resize them all to 1080p or even 2500 x 1200 or something like that, That should give you plenty of resolution to do a pan and zoom effect on the image.

    Also let me do a bit of math.

    1000 x 3 = 3000 seconds of footage which = 50 minutes ( 1000 images with 3 seconds per image? I don't know what you are doing with them so I do not know )
    1000 x 10 = 10000MB, That's 1 Terrabyte!

    So if I'm understand this correctly, You have a 50 minute video of a lot of images that are insanely large, and you want to apply pan/zoom effects to them in order to achieve?....Could we find out what the end goal of this is? If this is just for a photo-slide show surely just downscale all the photographs to the final resolution that they will be displayed ( Unless you have a 4K Projector or 4K Monitor, Why do they need to be 4000+ in resolution? )

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    you are missing the title - it says "TIME LAPSE".

    the final output is 1080P
    most of the time the files are scaled to 26% in order to fill the 1080p full frame.
    It allows me to zoom in on subjects without loosing quality up to a 100% - in which i get only part of the original frame in my final 1080p output - but without loosing quality!
    i hope you get the idea. I'm using the fact that my source is giant in order to do fake zooms and fake pans.
    i guess i should start saving for a new workstation..

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    If this is a one off item, Just rent a workstation for a day, You can get access to a 5000 system for a daily hire rate, visit a nice cosy production studio, edit it and output it nice and quick.

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