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    Had a motocross racing event nearby recently. It was weekend so i went there and shot some stuff. Here is a small video that i made of all the action.

    Hope you all like it. Do let me know your thoughts.

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    Not a bad editing effort. I found the music fitting and the cuts kept the interest but not until the end as it became a bit samey in the end. I would take out the stills near the beginning, it's a video not a slide show and trim it down a bit. I think you went a bit over the top on the effects and suspect you were trying to make the video more interesting than it actually is.
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    Thanks a lot for the comments. Yes the orange tinges are effects (light leaks). I guess i may have overused it a bit. As Midnight Blue pointed out, i thought it would add more visual interest and be more engaging than just the normal edit.

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