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Thread: Burning DVD without Architect S.

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    Default Burning DVD without Architect S.

    ((Win7 /32-bit 4G RAM, plenty HDD, internal DVD burner.))

    Recently I've been making AVCHD discs, which play fab on my BD player + TV.

    However, I want to make a DVD for someone else to view.
    In the past I would use DVD Architect Studio - but that option is removed siince I updated (program doesn't exist)..... this is the reason I started to burn HD DVDs . . . and is not a problem (although I'd like my paid-for Architect back, please!).

    SO I produce a HD vid in a .m2ts file with sound and vision. This is imported to Win Live MM and it creates a perfectly good (playable file) in .wmv format.
    This is used to create a DVD in Win DVD Maker - this has an Option "Preview" and the file playes OK Audio/video. So I click Burn and it takes a while and finally the progress-bar is finished the DVD pops out and the program tells me Cannot burn this disc "invalid class string" - er? no hints, no Help just a pointless message it's done on 3 discs.

    Any ideas?
    ((EDIT: on checking the details in WLMM it shows the frame-rate as 29fps yet the incomming edited movie is 25fps PAL, But I can't find any"properties" option to change it -it being virtually hidden means it wasn't spotted earlier.))

    Now it knows when there is no DVD in the drive, it knows if it's already recorded, so I presume it is happy with the blank, when it starts encoding the movie.

    What's going on . . . why won't it encode its own rendered (working) movie?
    It gets to 6% then really fast to 98% and the DVD is ejected.

    that "invalid class string" -
    searched on-line but this msg. seems to be more common when using a Server...

    No, I don't get it, either.
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    Try this from previous post DVD Burner

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