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    Hey everbody, I'm from Argentina and I got a task in my school. I have to do a short film. It's my first time but I want to do something big. Could any of you recomend me a good video editor, some filming advice and some editing tips?
    I'll be gratefull

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    Isn't that what they're supposed to teach you?
    A good editor is the software/hardware that sits between your ears. Any of the mainstream consumer software packages are plenty good enough. They all take some learning, but they are just tools.

    Filming advice:
    Make a film you want to see.
    Let the visuals tell the story (and make sure there IS a story) rather than narration/dialogue. (If it works as just a narration/dialogue - does it really need the visuals? In which case is it a film or a radio programme/audio podcast?
    Stabilize your camera. Ideally a tripod but sitting it on anything (bean bags are good) is better than hand held. Hand held may be trendy, but learn to shoot with a rock solid tripod first. Your shots will look better and it will edit together better.
    Capturing good audio is more important than good video. If you can avoid capturing audio at the same time as the visuals (ie of there's no dialog) then this will make life much easier.

    Editing advice:
    Make it as short as you can.
    Then cut another 25% out of it.
    Spend at least as much time on the sound as you do on the visuals.

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    Thank you a lot random member!

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    it's important that you make your film inside your mind (and ideally on paper too) before you go out and shoot, I find it easier to look for inspiring music first, then use it at a starting point for my film. Not saying it'll work for you, but if you're sensitive about music, you may want to try it.

    when you imagine your film, don't think of the technical challenges, just imagine the film you want to see, then once you got it, figure out the way to make it happen. if you have no other choices, then compromise, but ideally, you want to be as creative in your setup and filming technique as you want to be creative about your film story. Know the basic rules of filming, make sure you know as much basics as possible, but never let them get in the way of your own ideas.

    tim is not kidding about the sound, the sound puts everything together, music, ambient noises, actors etc... the sound is what makes it both believable (background noise, sound quality, sound design) and dramatic (music, background).

    the film, and art, goals are, in general, not only to replicate reality but to also add that touch of feeling, ambiance, mood, that can't be seen or heard, that specific mood for a scene, and sound, music does a great job at this.

    also, try and control the lighting as much as you can. In general, you want to have as much control over your image as possible, so plan your shooting ahead, time, location etc...

    and don't forget to have fun and allow yourself to play

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