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    I liked this much more than the other one you posted. I think it would have been even better with ambient sounds.

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    Kewl vid!

    (My fave part is the 2:02... LOL!!!!!!)

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    Nice vid. I thought the move to studies of people's faces at the end added an extra element of interest. You'd hinted at this earlier at 1:20-1:30 with a great shot of a girl looking clearly apprehensive. This was my favourite shot because the unclear shot constantly interrupted by the alternating lighting added to the apprehension. Part luck, I'm guessing, but also credit for spotting it and including it.

    Out of interest what sort of atabilization were you using. It appeared rock solid. but I would have expected people to be asking question if you rolled up with a tripod. Or perhaps you knew all the subject - though hey seemed totally unaware of you.

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    Nice .... very nice.
    Music works very well. whats the track ?

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