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Thread: Setting Up Home Surveillance

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    Lightbulb Setting Up Home Surveillance

    My buddy needed an RCA to coaxial converter so he could stream YouTube throughout his house on the coaxial network already installed in his home. He did not have the $20-$30 for the converter and I had one, being impatient he traded me some security cams for it (dumass) so I got these both for $20! I've needed a surveillance system for a while now anyway I have several $K into my custom interior electronics, enough said.

    The large white one is a Hitachi VK-C77U and it retails for $399 the small cam is a Swann Secura Cam SW214-SCC and it retails for under $50 I think:

    The small one is crappy black and white CMOS quality, supposedly waterproof with night vision but I don't see those LEDs light up unless they are infrared and I just can't see them?? It does however have a set screw on the lens for better focus or zoom so at least the lens is decent. On the other hand I am really impressed with the Hitachi's CCD quality, and its auto focus. I will be using the Svideo interface, it is highly configurable even via remote so maybe I can open up the iris at night via remote wide enough to not even need IF night vision or a motion light:
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    I'd suggest running a CAT5 cable, then you can use a variety of baluns to transmit the signal. You can try sending S-video over twisted pair and see how it looks, if it is too poor, use an active balun to boost the signal.
    This can probably carry the camera power too

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