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Thread: Using SSD as external Boot Drive for editing

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    Angry Using SSD as external Boot Drive for editing

    Hey everyone,
    New here and really stuck on what to do!
    I have a 2011 MBpro with 2.2ghz, i7, 8GB ram, internal 750 HHD (used for part storage, part edit files), 1TB + 2TB WD external (for storage). I shoot on a 7D and edit with after effect cs5.5 (quite slow RAM previews). AE settings are - Memory: Ram reserved for other apps = 1.5, ram for AE 6.5, multiprocessing disabled.

    I would like to buy a Kingston 128gb SSD (currently 50 from buyer) and use it as an external boot drive, install OSX 10.7 + After effects to edit films (mostly between 3-10mins) from here, using other my internal hardware and external monitor .

    My query is... will using the SSD as an external drive (storing all required files/data) be pointless as I will be relying on the USB to talk with RAM/MBPro etc?

    In my head it works but i am not very technically minded when we get to the nitty gritty of performance speak.

    If this is a silly question i can only apologies, if so please direct me with what is the best set up i can make out of what equipment i own! I am a self shooting director and don't have alot of money to spend. I cut with AE as well as it is what i learnt on, I like the flexibility of it without importing exporting projects with premier, I do have FCut X but don't have the patience to learn and cut with it.

    Any help is much appreciated!


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    You'd be better off installing the ssd internally, and connecting an external drive using the SATA connection for your optical drive.

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    Thanks for the response. The only problem is I need a lot more portable storage space than the 128SSD offers. I only need the speed of SSD for editing when stationary at home. Can I attach the SSD via firewire to the MBP, will that be quicker than USB?

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    Apologies, that's not quite what I meant. This explains it better:

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    Oh.... This link does not seem to be working for me. This is what i get>
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