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Thread: Music Video, Timecode, DSLR, a fun mix? Very confused, sorry.

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    Default Music Video, Timecode, DSLR, a fun mix? Very confused, sorry.

    Hi all,

    Please excuse the potentially fairly disorganised nature of this question, i'm kinda struggling to get my head round it a bit...

    I am soon to be shooting a music video using a Canon DSLR, complete with only a stereo audio input (no timecode inputs). The track is recorded and sounds great, but I have a bit of a question about how to go about getting everything synced up well. I am more of an audio guy myself, so please excuse any desperately missing video knowledge. I have previously been using Sony Vegas, and if you know a solution that would work in that, great, otherwise, I am on a pc, and prepared that I may have to move software for a working solution.

    Right, I know that ideally, to sync the audio and video, I want to playback both timecode and the audio file from somewhere, probably my laptop. I have a presonus firepod (fp10) as my soundcard, so can output as audio, s/pdif and midi. I also have the necessaries to take the audio and play it at the band. Based on this hardware set up, would I be correct that the best method of timecode to use would be LTC, as the camera audio input can easily record it, or do I have other viable options too? (Not desperate to buy expensive hardware, may consider cheap additional hardware if helpful though.) Alas, the camera has no suitable video output either, so I can't use an external video recorder.

    Now, once I have all my clips recorded within the camera, complete with timecode, is there a way to have them all lined up on the project timeline, in sync with the imported audio file? Some sort of batch processing, rather than manually lining up the timecodes. I know it is possible in Vegas if you use the multicamera>Lay out tracks using media time code, but will it recognise the audio timecode from the camera? Failing that, is there some other way of getting Vegas to do this. Failing that, Is there a way using the free version of Lightworks. And if that can't do this either, which software can? (I started googling for solutions in Premiere/Media Composer/Power Director, but nothing jumped out at me)

    Or, am I looking at this problem from the wrong direction, is there a cheap tool that will recognise the audio timecode recorded in each clip, and add media timecode to the video information for vegas to use?

    Hope there is enough information here for someone to have a stab at helping me out, please ask for any bits I missed out.

    Thanks all

    Oh, and a quick bit of project info, I am in the UK, and wil be recording at 25 fps.

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    I believe yu're over thinking this.

    Simply ensure that when you film you can hear the (pre-recprded) audio clearly so that it is recorded on the camera. Even better if you can put a few loud clicks at the beginning of the audio track. Then you simply line up the "spikes" in the waveforms in Vegas.

    Don't get too bogged down with the accuracy - as an audio guy you'll be used to stuff phasing or whatever if you're only a few milliseconds out. With video you don't need to be quite so precise - after all you're only seeing an image once every 25th/second.

    If you want to automate the syncing, take a look at software called PluralEyes which runs in Vegas.

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    People pay a ridiculous sum of money for these projects.
    If your really desperate, talk to your local rental house and ask them for the kind of kit that can do this, you can get the kit to do it but it's

    On the other hand, Accept that you may have to shimmy some footage a couple of frames forward or backward if the synch is off slightly.

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    Well, thanks for the efforts, not exactly the news I was hoping for, but ah well. I will no doubt be back with more questions in the near future too...

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