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    I have a full clip that I made in another editing program before I got Premiere Pro 1.5 and it didn't have any transitions. So I imported it into premiere and cut it at all the camera switches and placed a cross dissolve at each cut. However, when I either render it and playback, or even export it, there are no effects.

    Another thing is that when I import another clip and place it next to the first one, I can cross dissolve between them, but not inside the same file that I cut with the razor tool. What could be wrong?

    Here is a screenshot if you need it
    In the picture the two clips being joined by the transition are both the same file, just cut with the razor.

    Thank you for any help you can give.

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    Would it be possible to get a screenshot of the monitor within premiere when the transition is playing?

    Also this has nothing to do what you're talking about but I noticed one of your audio tracks was only on one channel. I don't know if this was intentional or not but if it wasn't and you want it on both channels unlink the video and audio, copy the audio track and paste it to the empty track underneath then go to effects>audio effects>Stero>Fill Right + drag this onto your second audio track. You should then have audio panned on both stereo channels.
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    Try raising one of the clips to Video Track 2 and overlap, then place the dissolve on this clip - Example timeline here - hope it works for you

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    The fill right thing, i did a fill left a while ago, since it only plays on the left, but it never updated the audio preview, but it sounds perfect. That was because when we filmed the mic we were using recorded like that, it was strange, but it works now.

    As for the screenshot, it just cuts like there is nothing there, so there isn't anything to show. as i stated, It is a cut between two camera angles so it's between two frames that are completely different.

    Oh and shiner, holy crap, did you edit my pic. and rename it to .avi instead of .wmv? Anyway I did try that, this was a screenshot from a couple of hours ago that I posted on another forum-> (Look at yours and mine side by side, freaky) but it messes with my sound and when i go to fade the sound into each other, it sounds like it skips, since you loose a frame or 2 in the sound.

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