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Thread: Ella Dars music video with motion control

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    Default Ella Dars music video with motion control

    I shot this vid for fun with my friend Susan. I used a crane and a motion control head. Let me know what you think.

    <iframe src="" width="500" height="281" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe> <p><a href="">Ella Dars "Out of Bed" Music Video</a> from <a href="">abadrosa</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>

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    I enjoyed watching this. I found it a little art studenty rather than contemporary but like some of the camera moves. I feel you are still looking to master the crane and find your own style, so well done for doing that. I also liked the song which always help with a music video.

    Well done.

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    Wow. I need to learn how to do this.. all in time I suppose.

    I really enjoyed it as well, some nice effects there and nice camera work.

    Well done man.

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    A pretty song and video. Thanks for posting it.
    I confess total ignorance of the phrase 'motion control head'. A few Google mins later and all became clear.
    You link says that a Steadicam was also used. Can you point me to specific parts where the 'Talon/Cinema Pro Motion Control Head' was used? I am curious to understand what advantage it offers. The only use I know about is for transferring the motion data for use in other, perhaps CGI, applications.

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    The Talon was used in the parts with the cloud timelapses in the background. The move is recorded in real time, then played back to shoot foreground plates. Then, the head is taken to another location, and the very same move is played back, but instead of lasting 3 minutes, it plays back over the course of 4 hours. So now you have two matching move plates, one realtime, and one timelapse. It was also used to create multiple occurences of Susan with camera movement. The head is triggered by timecode, so not only is the move the same, its at the same place in the move at the same place in the song. Do a search for "wild palms" by Sun airway. I provided motion control on this video as well and it is multiple pass intensive.

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    i new to this forum but that was a great video, i just got my computer set up and my cannon, vegas pro 10 cracked.
    cant wait to get my edit on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gatoruncannyclick View Post
    vegas pro 10 cracked.
    Buy it or get off this forum.
    We do not tolerate people who steal and ultimately push up the prices to the rest of us (honest) folk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AbadAxeRosa View Post
    The Talon was used in the parts with the cloud timelapses in the background.
    Many thanks for explaining it. I think the 'Wild palms' (vimeo. com/29267356) @ 01:55 has a lovely example of it. I doubt that could be done so well by hand.
    But, with your 'Ella Dar' cloud scene, may I assume you also had use a mask around the lady; to prevent the original sky from showing?
    I also guess you are now wishing for a crane with similar tracking facilities. If I were rich, I would love to play with one.

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    something to make one think, - BUT ultimately it's the music and song that takes the orders . . .

    +++thanks for posting and explanation (er, if I could follow it).

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