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    Hi, I'm in quick need of a simple intro for my YouTube channel, my channel name is: xGamerGuide
    Im just looking for a 1280x720 intro video of maybe my channel name coming down then a text that says Subscribe going up with a catchy background. I'm looking for it to be only a few seconds long. If anyone can help that'd be appreciated! Thanks.

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    You could search for After Effects templates - not free, but you slates will look professional. I use like what Digital Juice has to offer (ready2go for After Effects by Digital Juice), but there are plenty of other options...

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    Check your PM...

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    Correction: I don't think I can PM for some reason...

    But, anyway, I threw this together real quick! Lmk if ya like it, and if ya do we can put it on your channel or whatever ya wanna do. If ya don't want it, ya won't hurt my feelings, so be 100% honest... LOL!!!!!!

    XGG - YouTube

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    Nice videos thanks for information

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    Quote Originally Posted by aliciaDJones View Post
    Nice videos thanks for information
    Thanks, you're welcome! (If that's directed to me... lol!)

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