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Thread: My first attempt at film making, Euromadness.

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    Default My first attempt at film making, Euromadness.

    Hello, I bought a camcorder last year but have only managed to edit one video (a trip aound Europe in 8 parts) my low powered computer can only manage small clips also due to an old editing suite. The video camera is a Sanyo Xacti HD but only used on the second highest setting and the computer could only just handle that! I used Adobe Premier Elements 4 (old) and that did not help. I enjoyed the whole editing thing although it took ages to sort out due to a really slow computer and glitches in the Adobe programme. I know the film is not perfect but some of the problems could not be rectified without starting again which would have driven me up the wall. The computer kept freezing when editing towards the end of the longer scenes. The edited picture quality is miles away from the raw picture quality and even the stills are very pixelated and the sound levels in part one are half of what they should be. I have put another post out for information for buying a new laptop etc as I will re-edit this at somepoint... Anyway thats all the excuses out of the way here it is-;feature=plcp

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    I only watched the first one. Firstly well done for being brave enough to take old Land Rovers on such a long trip and for driving through Paris, I noticed a C5 nearly take you out.

    I'm sure this series of videos has great memories for you and the rest of the crews. If I was making a video like this I'd try and mix the road footage with some other footage of the places and people that you come across. It's hard to make a video like this interesting to the casual viewer but you seem to be getting some good viewing numbers.

    Well done.

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