Hi, This is my first post, and I am totally new to this sort of thing, I bought a little Sanyo Xacti HD camcorder which I am very pleased with apart from the fact I can not edit much because of my crap laptop. I gave up with my cheap computer and managed to edit a video using my wifes netbook (a bit more powerful) on Adobe Premier Elements 4 (I know, a bit old).
I have decided to upgrade to a better laptop just to edit the Video that is starting to stack up, I have about 400ish to spend (I know, not much) and would like to know what sort of thing I am looking at.
I found this the other day-
LENOVO Z575 15.6" Laptop - Gun Metal buy online | Currys
Is this up to the job or am I miles out?

Also I was thinking about editing on -
CYBERLINK PowerDirector 10 Deluxe

Is this any good?

Cheers Steve