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Thread: Collaborating with photographers, NOT.

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    Just thought I'd vent this story here. I recently did a wedding. Two days before the date her photographer phoned me, "Have you your own transport?"
    Of course said I. "Well can I get a lift with you as the guy who runs me around is doing something else" . OK said I, no bother. Seemed the decent thing to do as we're both doing the same function.
    Bride due at 1pm, I got there about 12, photographer was standing in the chapel grounds with a ton of gear, including a printer, boxes of cheap frames, boxes of slides, samples, albums and of course his photographic gear. he motioned that he wanted to load it all in my car so I opened it and he bunged it all in.
    About 12-30 he shouted up the chapel, "Hey Jimmy, c'mon we have to get a move on" I looked left and right and behind me, no-one else around so he was addressing me. The name's Peter said I. "OK jimmy we have to shift" Shift where, " The brides house, have to get her pre-wedding shots". I'm not going to the bride's house, not booked for it said I. Could have knocked him down with a feather. "But how am I going to get there now" says he. Taxi says I. He disappeared in a hurry.
    All the important stuff covered, relaxing now as the food is dished out and the familiar salutation catches my ear again. " Hey Jimmy, they haven't reserved any dinners for us so c'mom, we' have to go and get a carryout" I don't expect anyone to reserve a dinner for me, I bring my own, I have a flask and a lunch in the car says I.
    Again, his face sick as a parrot, " But what am I going to do, I don't have a car ' Taxi, says I for the second time that day.
    Food all cleared, everyone relaxing at the tables and again, "Jimmy, key". What key says I, "Car key, need my gear". gave him the key, instructed him to ensure the door was locked.
    He struggled in after three trips with all his gear, set up a table in full view of the guests and started printing off photos from his mornings endeavors, even took photos of the waters and sold them at a fiver a time, busied himself cutting pictures, squeezing them into cheap frames and touted them round the dining room, even stuck one on the brides table and mingles, selling prints still sticky from his inkjet printer. I watched in curious disdain as he peddled photos until the lights dimmed. At one point I suggested to him that the colours on his prints would disappear in a few months and they'd stick to the plastic sleeve in the frames, he seemed unconcerned.
    So came time for me to visit the car for my new LED lights for the evenings entertainment and discovered the car wide open, he'd locked it but left the door wide open! The siren on my alarm system had long ago gave up the ghost but the system was otherwise unaffected and the car had disabled itself at some point after the door had got caught in the breeze and moved to the full open position. I had to shuffle through my paperwork and fiddle for 30 minutes disabling the alarm and re-enabling the car.
    returned to the function room ready to give him and ear bashing just in time to see him load his gear into a taxi, no thank you, no cheerio.
    I'll know for the next time.

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