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Thread: My first video. PLease check it out and give advice

  1. Default My first video. PLease check it out and give advice

    I'm new to adobe premiere pro and new to editing in general. I made this music video highlighting the bellagio las vegas botanical gardens. The soundtrack is Massive Attack "Paradise Circus". I felt it had a fitting tone and I tried to edit to match the tone of the song. I only used one transition in the whole video. What kinds of things could I do to spice up the video and any suggestions on the way I cut and editted the footage?? I know a little bit of it is shaky.

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    Looks pretty good to me, - within the artistic merits of the venue. Indeed I think you've done it a good service.

    BTW what's up with the Copyright on the Music? - that may be an issue.

    Most software is pretty much the same, er, IMHO... until you get rather too arty.
    What's the camera?
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    I wonder why you want to spice it up? What are you trying to achieve with this video? Who is your audience.

    As a personal memento of the festival, I'd say it's much better than what most people would make.

    As a documentary - it's lacking any documentay element!

    As a promo for the festival - the shots need to be much more stable and we need more info.

    As an "arty" piece - it's too literal (not art enogh)

    None of these things need things to spice it up. Any editing "spiciness" will detract from the beauty of what you've already captured.

    Personally I'#d leave it well alone (actually I'd get rid of the one transition you've used as it rather draws attention to iteself). It's a nice pice as it is.

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    If it's indeed your first video - I think it's a pretty good start. I felt there was a lot of repetition, and it was a bit long (for its message).

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    Try and take the view on a journey in the video. You clips seem rather randomly put together and as Mrzee has said there is a lot of repetition. So I'd recommend cutting out all but what you feel are the best shots.

    I do agree with Tim, if it's just a personal memento of the festival it's not a bad job at all.

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    I do think its a good try. Keep it up!

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    Did you delete the video? Can´t get it here....

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    Sorry I couldn't see the video but I think I would of liked it according to sum comments. Check sum of my vids and if u need any special fx help ask me. I have a good years worth of experience but I use adobe after effects not adobe premiere.

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    I noticed this thread is still going so here's a current link to the video!

    A Magical Trip Through the Bellagio Las Vegas Botanical Garden featuing Massive Attack - YouTube

    Thank you guys for watching, please rate!

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    It's nearly a year ago, has it changed? The first scene of the railing still cuts off before it gets started, just a mish mash of the same carousel from different perspective, couldn't watch any more.

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