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Thread: Does have have to render after adding a timer, before changing timescale?

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    Default Does have have to render after adding a timer, before changing timescale?

    I am making a movie whose middle ~95% has to be speeded up about 16x.

    It also has a real time timer in one corner. This time has to be showing the original time the whole time, so during the speeded up portion it will run at 16x real time speed.

    What I have worked out so far is how to speed up a piece of the movie 400% which is the limit one can do by horizontal dragging, so to do 16x I will need to render the lot and do another 400% shrink...

    Adding the timer was easy (once you found where it is ) but surely I will need to render the whole movie with the timer in place before doing the shrink?

    Each render takes about 30 hours on my PC

    Also, is there any way to move the timer, further into the corner? Vegas doesn't appear to offer any controls for this and Youtube instructional videos on timer use don't mention it.
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    You can use nested projects w/o rendering

    Vegas Pro has 12X speed up limit (w/o additional renders): Playback Rate (4X) + Velocity envelope(3X) => 4*3=12X
    Vegasaur Rocket Speed has no limits

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    Interesting - thank you.

    Presumably my comment on having to do a render immediately after adding the timer and before doing any speedups still holds - for both the playback rate and velocity envelope speedup methods?

    Also, does Rockerspeed produce a better result on a large speedup than Vegas itself? I think that to do clean motion one needs to do some clever frame interpolation.
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    No replies (maybe not many people read these forums?) but I did this
    as a "proof of concept" where a long flying movie (4+ hrs) is speeded up 16x enroute, while running a "correct time" counter in the corner.

    On a dual-core Intel it took about a week to render, with the original ~30GB ex-camera material taking ~25hrs to render with the time counter. The first speed drop (4x - the biggest that Vegas allows) took another 25hrs (Vegas takes a long time to apparently interpolate the frames, but the result is quite good) and the next ones were quicker because the source material was down to < 1hr then.

    The basic image quality is good, despite the multiple renders and is way above most of the webcam type stuff people are playing with.

    I didn't think of doing the sound track. I have an in-headset mike for that, with a little "pro" preamp, and it works well. But really for a totally hands-off job I need an aircraft headset jack plug to camcorder converter cable. I wonder if anybody makes one off the shelf that actually works?

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    The need to encode twice seems like a nuisance to have to do.
    Other than the time showing, is the remaining part of the video exactly the same as if you have been able to create a new video made up by extracting a frame from the original, once each 16 frames?

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    I don't think so.

    Movie speedups that just throw away frames are of terrible quality. I have done that e.g. by programming a normal digital camera to take a pic every 1 sec and then combining them into a 25fps video. Probably every video editing app can do that. I used Pinnacle, which was buggy at the best of times, but it worked. The result is very rough.

    A proper speedup involves interpolating frames, somehow.

    The need to render twice (to get 16x) is probably avoidable but I don't have the time to go up the massive learning curve of this (very good and generally very robust) software. I also doubt it would save time to be able to render just once because the rendering speed slows down greatly when doing the 4x speedup. The speed when rendering say a 1hr video into a 15min one (4x) is about the same as rendering a 1hr one into another 1hr one.

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    Thank you. That is interesting. It is the frame interpolation system which I find slightly mysterious.
    One slight effect appears to be that the Timer information also gets interpolated, at 16x the first 2 characters of the milliseconds field become blurry.
    (I appreciate you may have done that on purpose).

    IMHO, assuming the fps and the Timer are accurate, then 50i (i.e. 25ftps) clip speeded up by 16x, would make each new frame (i.e. of the final 25fps video) contain 640ms of original time and data. In effect, the 3rd digit of the milliseconds field will always be zero. And the first 2 digits would only ever show even numbers. However, perhaps as a result of the interpolation, the milliseconds field tends to look mostly like 880.

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    Yes, the timer gets blurred by the interpolation. I noticed that on the very first 4x speedup. But it doesn't matter. In fact I would not have the .xxx of seconds but Vegas does not appear to offer better formats, and also doesn't offer a way of placing the timer further into the corner.

    One thing I will try is improving the contrast of the enroute section of the video. Too much haze. There were filters in Premiere Elements (my previous editor; before that I used Pinnacle, and both used to crash like clockwork) which did that.
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