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Thread: Take a Step Back - Dead Island Homage

  1. Default Take a Step Back - Dead Island Homage

    A short video based on the Dead Island Trailer, let me know what you think. This is different to what we normally do, hope you enjoy it!

    Take A Step Back : A Dead Island Homage - YouTube

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    I think you definitely captured the feel of the (original) Dead Island trailer. I'll have to watch the actual trailer again because I remember it as a series of forward-time sequences arranged in reverse, as opposed to a series of reverse-time sequences arranged in reverse. As a result, I was distracted by your reverse-time action, but as I said I'll have another look at the trailer.

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    I've just taken a look at the original and it seems to be a very clever mix of back wards and forward footage but all in reverse time order. I thought you did a good job of with this and as Zam says you did capture the feel of the original.

    Well done.

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    I don't quite understand what you mean Zam; we tried to emulate the same format so it should be in a very similar order but maybe not I guess! anyway thanks for the comments, was fun to shoot something quite different from what we normally do

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    I watched the original trailer again last night and I was in fact mistaken -- I didn't realize that there was reverse-time footage in the original -- so you were bang on

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