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Thread: Slow motion with blend between clips.

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    Default Slow motion with blend between clips.


    Let me start by saying I'm very new to Vegas, used FCP for a long time but just moved back to the world of Windows.

    I need to do that classic slow motion effect in Vegas, which is simple with envelopes or CTRL+Dragging the clip. What I want to do is blend the speed difference rather than having an abrupt normal speed/cut to slow motion. This is fine with the envelope for the video, but it appears you can't do that with the audio? I'm happy to buy Twixtor, but again it seems it can only handle video? Am I wrong?

    I did think about exporting the audio and achieving the effect in an audio program, but syncing the audio and video would be a nightmare.

    So, any ideas?


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    Never mind, after some more hunting I found this wonderful thread:

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