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    Hi everybody
    in the last 2 weeks we had the worldchampionship in unicycle in Brixen/Southtyrol and we had a looot of fun... Lotīs of unispin, downhill action and party...Also some worldrecords have been broken..

    I also made a little video with my canon eos 550d hope you like it and you also maybe try to ride a unicycle...


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    That was a great little film. It was a far cry from the compilation of stunts we often see with skate/bmx/unicycle vids. It really captured the spirit of the festival and it also showed teh wide variety of disciplines which were on show. I never knew there was so much to unicycling. A fantastic promo for bot it and Unicon.

    My only criticism was i thought it lacked an ending - awards ceremonies (if you had such a thing) and/or people leaving Unicon would have been the obvious thing to go with, or even just someone sitting down with his/her unicycle looking as if they're looking back on the event.

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    great video
    the music went well with the material

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    I agree it is a nice video a couple of things, I don't think the FX at around 2:05 added anything to the video. You would have been better finishing the video around 4 mins with the part night shots. That would have given you the closer that Tim mentioned.

    Good job though.

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