Hello Everyone!

I'm trying to maximalize the quality of my rendering videos in Sony Vegas 11 Pro. So right now im trying to figure out some strange things in the rendered video. There's TWO big problem:

-The rendered video is too dark, or maybe theres too much contrast in it. BUT it appears only in the dark part of the video (like ingame night time or cave etc.) The well lighted part have the "same" brightness. I read many-many forums with the exact same problem. And i gathered many fix to try, so its the less painfull problem.

-And the other thing is why im really here. I cant even know the word for this "artifact"... So i just gonna upload two picture and if anyone would kindly help me out.. That would be GREAT!

http://i.imgur.com/MScUv.jpg ( I forgot to add: The rendered video is in YUV. and BOTH 1280*720 res)