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Thread: DVD Architect / Vegas Multi angle option

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    Exclamation DVD Architect / Vegas Multi angle option

    Hey all i am trying to figure out how to make a multiple angle DVD using 2 videos. I have them all sync and all but i am unsure of how to "link" them up in order for them to switch when the user hits the Angle button on the remote. I have tried my best to find sites having tutorials on this and all I've come across are just tutorials on how to make them within the video itself and not freely when the user pushes a button to change the angle.

    Any advice, help and steps would be great!


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    Are you using DVD Architect Studio or DVD Architect Pro? (If you're not sure, it will say in the title bar.) DVD Architect Studio does not do alternate angles, so not much more to say if that's the one you have.

    For DVD Architect Pro, add the main copy of your movie to the project and activate its timeline. In older versions, there will be a button above the timeline for inserting a video track. In newer ones, you have to click the plus-sign button to reveal an insert menu...use the one whose hover text is Insert Video Track. After DVDA adds the second video track, drag and drop your second angle on it. Alternatively, select the new track, hit the Insert Video Event button (a couple down from the plus-sign), and locate your other video. That should do it.


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