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Thread: How to create a good video ?

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    Default How to create a good video ?

    One thing that I learned while hosting the show Factory Floor is that making a good TV show is a lot harder than it looks .
    But what if you are not shooting for broadcast quality? What if, for example, you want to create a good YouTube video? In particular, what if you have an issue or story that you would like to show to the world, as a citizen reporter, and you want to create a credible video? If so, you can take many of the techniques used to create a good TV show and inexpensively apply them to your own videos. These techniques make a huge difference in video quality. :
    1) Camera angles and composition
    2) Lighting
    3) Audio :On a real TV show, lavaliere microphones and the gear to go with them typically costs thousands of dollars. But if you are shooting indoors you can use a very inexpensive wired lav
    4) B-roll (also costs nothing and makes a huge difference when edited in)
    5) Create a good story . examles on : سایت اشتراک عکس جدید و جالب و اشتراک ویدیو

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    I visited the site , but none of the video clips would play.

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    the screens play but they're just crappy youtube style prank videos shot on crappy camera phones. my guess its just pimping for youtube hits.... i wouldnt bother tim/paul

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