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Thread: Iron Sky - Moon Nazis created without greenscreen

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    Default Iron Sky - Moon Nazis created without greenscreen

    Hello there.

    Something that I have never had in my films is blue/greenscreen. Back in the day the quality of my camera simply made using one impossible, and even though I have had better camera for years, it's still something I have never tried. I don't know how much use for something like that I would have, so I have never bought one. Instead I have grown interested in methods that one can use instead of greenscreen; traditional masking and rotobrush.

    My masterplan was to shoot some clips of myself standing infront of a wall (much like this and then attempt to remove the wall around me with as little trouble as possible. I had very high hopes for rotobruch in After Effects CS6 thanks to some tutorials I watched, but I found it... Disappointing. Perhaps I simply did not have enough time to master it or I just have grown too accustomed to traditional masks thanks to extensive use of cloning and lightsabers in past films. Long story short, I couldn't make it good enough with rotobrush only. I brought in traditional masking for officer and used rotobrush for soldiers in background. It is quite far from perfect, but I like it and I learned a lot of pros and cons of rotobrush. Luckily it was one of the main reasons for doing this...

    If you have not heard what Iron Sky is, it's science fiction comedy film and political satire that tells story of defeated Nazi Germans who in 1945 fled to the moon and are now coming back... With vengeance. Enjoy!

    Iron Sky - Fan Short (2012) - YouTube

    Let me know what you think of it. I'm first to admit the masking is far from perfect, it's more of a proof of concept.

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    Very impressive trailer. I hope the full movie will be as good.

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    Oh, just incase I didn't make myself clear. Iron Sky is a real movie not made by me, this is but a fan product and sort of tribute. I do recommend seeing the real Iron Sky if you happen to come across it.

    Iron Sky: Watch the Official Theatrical Trailer!

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