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    Hey Guys,
    What's up? I'm not a video producer. But I do need videos for my business. I want get basic knowledge on After Effect. Any direction or book or anything you can recommend? Advance thanks to all.

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    Have a look at the tutorials on Video Copilot

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    Yeah check and then tutorials and basic training. That will help you a lot to get started. And then YouTube is full of tutorials for after effects just search for them and watch and learn that's how i learned everything about AE. Also check he makes really clear and cool tutorials!

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    Your hosting a party for your company, do you read a cookbook and try to cater for the guests with 0 catering experience?
    What happens if the guests find the food tastes horrible? What will happen to your reputation as a company?
    Just consider what might happen if a customer looks at a video and goes "That looks horrible" - If there is a risk in losing business is it worth doing?

    Just my 2 cents of advice! By all means do explore the tutorial sources listed and definately have a go, I just encourage caution before you publish a video with your branding and your NAME which is valuable.

    Perhaps consider showing the video to your friends/family, say it belongs to a rival company, don't have your company name anywhere in the video and ask them what they thought of it? let them give you honest feedback.
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