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Thread: Is there anyway to make the "Trinity Kick" in after effects?

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    Default Is there anyway to make the "Trinity Kick" in after effects?

    Me and my friend want to try something different so I had an idea to do the "Trinity kick" from the matrix. The problem is we don't know how to film, or edit this. Do you have any pointer. tips, or advice so this turns out well and not some mess?

    Example video: the matrix-kick.mp4 - YouTube

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    Taken from here
    JCH Digital Designs - Animating the 'Floating Kick' Scene in The Matrix

    "In the opening scenes of the movie, The Matrix (released by Warner Bros. and now available on DVD and video), the character Trinity (played by Carrie-Ann Moss) is cornered by a number of policemen. During a fight scene, she walks up a wall to avoid bullets and then does a "jump-kick"- she jumps up in the air, freezes as the camera pans around, and then kicks the policeman. So, how did they do it?

    In the movie, the directors shot film footage of Trinity "jumping" (actually, she was lifted up by cables), and when she was at the top of the jump, a number of still cameras, arranged in a circle around her, shot pictures at the same time. Then, the film footage continued as she kicked the policeman. The still shots were then edited together (and computer-enhanced) to give the illusion of one camera panning around the scene. The edited "still film" was then added to the "lead-in" and "lead-out" film to complete the shot."

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    crap I cant afford all that

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    Quote Originally Posted by ISimplyFallenI View Post
    crap I cant afford all that
    Really? I bet you can do it with one camera.

    Think about how they have done it with their budget, Now think of how you could do it on a budget of say one video camera and one stills camera.

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