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Thread: Is anyone familiar with how this is created

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    Default Is anyone familiar with how this is created

    I was wondering if anyone knew how this could be created. I want to make one, but know nothing about it. I'm not sure this is the right forum as there doesn't seem to be any type of video camera scene type work, but there are "scenes". I don't know very much at all about video editing so if you have any recommendations of programs to check out for this particular work I would appreciate it. Thanks

    edit: forgot video

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    Its adobe After Effects,or you can do the similar with SVP

    How to create these?
    1.Get Photoshop
    2.Get AE or SVP
    3.Create Transparent background images in Photoshop..You will get tuts on YouTube
    4.Animate these content, on AE or SVP(Vegas motion graphics is only for pros,as it can get too complicated)
    6.Add sound and music
    7.Render the final throuh PR or SVP
    8.Share it!

    In a nutshell that is how its done,for step by step procedures go to bra productions - YouTube or 404 Not Found or The Best Search Links on the Net

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    Just a comment on point 4. I'm fairly sure that After Effects falls into the category of pro software, not just Vegas Motion Graphics.

    In fact with all of these points, This video was made by a "pro" who knew how to build each element how to manipulate the software to achieve the final goal ect.

    I do sincerely encourage you to go for this! But please don't be discouraged if you find it daunting, This is like learning how to play an instrument, You need to learn how to walk before you can run.

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