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    Hey guys, just wanted to share this new film we made for festivals. We finished our feature back and June and now are starting another one next month. So it was nice to return to this style of filmmaking. Features are A LOT of work. Shorts are also hard but a lot more fun in my opinion. Hope you guys enjoy watching it.

    NOTE: If you've got ANY questions about this film, please ask. I'd love to help anyone who is trying to get started.

    Magnetic (2012) - A Short Film [ By F.C.Rabbath ] - YouTube
    5 MINS

    Shot with a Canon 5D Mark II
    Lens 24-105L & 70-200L 2.8

    - Fred

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    Nice one Fred. I think we could have seen the guy have more fun with the bracelet before he tried it on the blond woman but a good idea well executed.

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    Hey Blue,
    I totally agree. I guess I wanted to make it 5 minutes for festivals but yeah it would've been more fun. Thanks for watching.

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