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Thread: UHF Wireless Mics

  1. Default UHF Wireless Mics

    Hey guys,

    Others may of highlighted this area already. But I recently bought some UHF Wireless Mics of Ebay for my Sony A1E Camcorder, they were the Senneisher EW100 UHF Mics and thy operate in the 700 mhz Range.

    Now what I did NOT know is that you need a licence from JFMG everythime that you do want to use them. So if any of you are looking at buying any new Mics then please read this first.

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    You live and learn, Strober. Thanks for posting as a warning for others.
    What's teh procedure/cost of a licence?

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    Contact Ofcom, they'll take you through the process

    Cost depends on a number of factors. Location, number of radioes. It's per year fee I think

    3000 fine for using un- licensed radio mics, some microphones are on a "free" spectrum or you can tune to these license free channels.

    If you find dealing with Ofcom a headache, contact the vendor where you bought the mics, they might be willing to give you a hand.

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    Had a 3 man wedding video crew in a venue with radio mics.

    We had a license for the venue radio mics, they had none.

    Somehow, they tuned their radios to ours.

    Wedding started, fader went up on the sound desk, clergy persons voice sounds horrible!

    Video guy comes to me to tell me off for being incompetent, I turn around and ask "what Freqs are your radioed on" - He shuts up very quickly, They had steadi-cam rigs, the best ( IMO ) mics, the best camera heads...and not a clue!

    Hi-ho, I now make it a point to ask anyone with a radio mic "Got a license? Good, what Freqs?"


    I thought Ofcom did the license bit and JFMG did the actual management piece
    "need a licence issued by Ofcom"

    Or am I mistaken in my blissful ignorance?
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    Come to the dark side of channel 38!

    No dodgy DJ can reach you there.

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    How about digital? I thought the days of analogue were limited.
    Hopefully Digital would make interference less likely.
    The idea of having to license each and every shoot might be OK for pros, who plan in advance, - but for amateurs doing a voice-over in a busy shopping centre it just isn't practical. The Government should have thought a bit harder before selling-off the ether.

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    The idea of having to license each and every shoot might be OK for pros, Government should have thought a bit harder before selling-off the ether.

    1) it's a yearly license for sub 150, only if your in "pro world" with 100+ radioes or if your moving around the country do you need to think about new licenses
    2) That channel has gone to mobile phone usage, which is more of benefit? Radio mics or mobile phones?

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    OK every one thanks for the replies as it's all good. Now this is what I know......

    JFMG - Manage the frequencies for Big Events and for Programme Making (Programme Making and Special Events) they issue two kinds of licence depending on you frequenice. These are 1) Fixed Events (Which is paid every year) 2) Moible (Which is paid every event / venue).

    OFCOM - On the other hand manage the frequencies of these kind of business's / companies. Taxi Control Rooms, Security, Emergency Services etc... which means you buy your licence from them as again it's not PMSE.

    OFCOM aka British Goverment make the descions as to what frequeices stays and go's. Yes Channel 69 will be switched off at the end of this year. However, another Channel will take it's place. In a way I am lucky because OFCOM have decided to keep my Frequencies (however I do need to buy a licence per event / venue). Not only that I also understand that OFCOM are also interested in taking my frequencies away from broadcasting and selling it onto the mobile companines to use as mobile broadband but they say this is unlikely to happen onto 2018, so this means I can use mine for 6 years with a licence (in theory).

    For more info then get your heads stuck into this website and yes this stuff is pretty complicated to get your heads around (well for me anyway).

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    Paulears your knowledge of this is far better than mine. Also is there not another channel that OFCOM is allowing you to use, due to the supposed fact that some parts of the country have not switched over to Digitial and they have to protect the T.V. Broadcasts from Channel 38?

    Again mate you knowledge is far better than mine, I only stated this thread cause I don't want other people to lose their hard earned cash in what may be a bad investment for them.


    Gareth aka Strober

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    Paulears this is another posting that is being printed out and stuck up on my studio wall Thanks for sharing mate!!

    Quote Originally Posted by paulears View Post
    In some areas ch39 is also on the list but it's geographically protected because places like Jodrell Bank in Cheshire and a few other astronomical sites are still working on those frequencies. Essentially, ch 38 is the new replacement for 69. The broadcasters never really had a proper allocation, but in between each analogue TV channel there was an empty space, and of course some TV channels up to 6/7MHz wide were unused in each area. where I live, for example, our TV channels were between 59 and 64. Some local relays were down in the 30s, but the rest was unused. The Broadcasters in each are just used the empty space. With digital, the bands are wider and eventually will be wider still - using up most of the space - and there are far more smaller relays - so here in Lowestoft we have a relay on a lower block of channels and in Gt Yarmouth, 10 miles away is another using a different block, so finding space in some locations for radio mics, longer distance links and talkback channels is getting difficult - hence why JFMG do it on a location basis. The biggest snag for buying radio mics is that most firms are now supplying ch 38 versions as standard if they are a pro dealer, but the music and electronics shops supply license free ch70 versions. Ch 70 is already full so once the churches and other users on 69 with no license suddenly get interfered with, they'll use any channel that appears free - and this could be horrible. Theatres in London often have to use JFMGs 'out of band' channels because they're all so close together. Generally, at the moment it's ok - but buying on ebay secondhand will produce ch 69-70 units. So far, I've not seen any ch38 Chinese copies, because I'm informed ch38 in China is a limitary band so producing kit on it is not a wise move.

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