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Thread: My latest B.A.S.E. Jumping film

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    Default My latest B.A.S.E. Jumping film

    The follow up to my first BASE film
    This time I've documented the travels around the world of these nut cases.

    The film locations are:
    • Moab, Utah
    • Brento, Italy
    • Istanbul/Kemalyie, Turkey

    Filmed on GoPro's and Canon D5000
    Edited on FCP7
    Music: 'Two Steps, Twice' - Foals

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    Excellent video.

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    Crazy people. nice footage. love the tune

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    Ha, they're nuts alright. Thanks for the comments. I'm hoping to get some real highspeed cameras for future shoots rather than faking with Twixtor (it never gets it quite right). Yeah, the song really gets your foot stomping doesn't it? Thanks for the comments!

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    Thrilling subject, great footage, nice cuts, appropriate soundtrack - I like it!

    Sometimes it gets a bit shaky, but it's not too bad. Btw, do you use any stabilize filters at edit time or it's just pure GoPro's footage? Maybe it could be a little bit shorter, but perhaps it's just me.

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    Thanks mrzee, I'm glad you liked it.
    Yeah, in post I use CoreMelt's Lock&Load X and Frames. I use it sparingly though, as we film in 720p so any zooming in on the image to stabilise it really affects the image quality. You can imagine how violent the shake could get plummeting towards the earth at 200kmph, so I do my best and let the rest go hoping the context allows people to put up with it. But it's an interesting point you bring up, and something I have thought about while reviewing footage. Perhaps there needs to be more development in the mounts to absorb some of the vibrations... As well there is human error in the fact that they may be looking around all over the place - but then, wouldn't you? lol
    Thanks again, it's great to get some feedback/criticism - I have more of these projects planned and it's my aim to go bigger and better each time

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    Well, as you set a mood for an action movie and even show an action camera itself, I think the audience will be more forgiving.

    Speaking of action camera operator "volunteers" - do you instruct them in any way? I'd tell them that I need at least one-two clear, smooth (well, as least flaky as possible) shots... I know shooting is probably going to be the least of their worries but still...

    I'm sure the cameras will get better - consumer action camera market is still very young, but we already have Hero, Hero2, Contour... Btw, why not shoot in 1080?

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    Yeah I try and get certain shots from them. At the moment I have only been going out to the locations for 4-5 days and there are limited jumps you can do - I get the best from those days and cut them together the best I can. In the future with bigger budgets and operation I'd make sure I got exactly what I need. It's good finding jumpers that understand and will keep the shots in mind when doing their thing - which takes an awful lot of focus. I tend to tell them things like: try keep the exit point clean of distractions (no crowding around, messing up a clean exit shot), if i'm not at the exit point, for someone to film a low angle (blue sky in the background is easier to use time-remapping plug-ins on), and to take note of lighting and stuff like that.

    We have been filming in 720p for several reasons. My camera is just consumer grade Nikon D5000 and it's max is 720p (I aim to upgrade this asap), and secondly, filming on the goPro at 720 give you 60fps whereas the 1080 setting is limited to 30fps. The less I have to use twixtor the better, because it's fine with the right background, but most often the shots I have to slow down have rocks and unique landscapes in the background making most attempts to twixtor quite messy. I was recently commissioned to film some BASE for a TVC though and the requirement was 1080 and I've had several requests for my previous films in 1080 so I guess the next logical step for me is to upgrade to a decent high speed camera. Still praying to the camera gods that there'll be an action camera released with 1080/120fps+ sometime soon.

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