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Thread: Timcoding multiple cameras

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    Default Timcoding multiple cameras

    I am planning to capture a production from three separate dv cameras to Vegas. Is there an easy way to sync the cameras in post production? I am planning to use focus on a generated timecode, import the video into three separate tracks, zoom in and manually sync the video. The audio will be fed from a mixing board to one of the cameras, so I will have a continous single audio track. I just want to be sure that the video from the other two cameras is sync'd. What is the "right" way to do this?

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    Not so sure about the 'Right' way. But the old fashioned awy of doing this was by use of a 'Clapper Board'. Assuming that all cameras are recording through the complete shot,

    1. Place your operator and clapper board in view of all three cameras

    2. Shout action and bang the clapper

    3. Thereafter, in post production, you have both visual and audio cues to synchronise to.

    Perhaps other contributors have a more sophisicated method.

    Hope that works.

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    You could just use the 'hard' way... :P It should only be about 10 min work I think...

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