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Thread: Second Chances (Music Video) - my best yet!

  1. Default Second Chances (Music Video) - my best yet!

    Hey people!

    I finally got someone to operate the camera for one of my music videos .........much better than trying to film myself!

    Anyway, im really happy with this one, i love the shots my friend got (first time shes filmed anything!)...and i love the gritty vibe, the edit.......i thinks its the best thing ive done yet, finally letting loose in front of the camera, but i think i can get even looser!!

    Im well happy with it, but as always, id love your guys keen eyes (and ears!) opinions since everyone loves film making here!




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    For someones first filming this is really good. I liked the shots and the song. Now that you have go someone to hold the camera for you, it's time to get more creative with your videos. Something like you sat in a bar or a café and the lyrics of the song are enacted around you. eg Lyric "Don't you just hate bullies picking on the weak." Shot of big horrible bully picking on someone. BUT more creative than that.

    Well done.

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    Cheers Midnight,

    Yeh for sure, ive got some crazy ideas, i try to work fast though so as not to be on one song for too long, if i took longer, got actors etc i could definately be more creative...........Ill just find ways to do that without extra crew/actors!


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